Established in the last part of the 1990's by business big shot and humanitarian Mr. Malik Riaz, Bahria Town is the biggest exclusive land organization in Asia which possesses creates and sells properties across Pakistan. From the twin urban areas and Nawabshah to Lahore and Karachi,Bahria Town has revolutionized the real estate scene wherever it has marked its presence. Bahria Town specializes in gated communities which are, with their sheer size and amount of facilities, small towns in their own right.

Right now Bahria Town is headed by its CEO Mr. Ali Riaz, the child of the pioneer. Under his administration Bahria's properties fundamentally influence every city they are all settled in, as well as the general economy of the country. Its most seasoned project, which established the underpinning of the monster association Bahria Town is today, was their gated local area in Rawalpindi. Today, Bahria Town Karachi isn't just their biggest seeing however, traversing at 40,000 acres of land, Pakistan's greatest exclusive owned residential community.

Bahria Town focuses on the upper center and exclusive class of Pakistan with their better quality homes and plots. It is to no one's unexpected that the unique aesthetic and functional attributes of their projects comes at a price. Nonetheless, Mr. Shahid Qureshi, the Director of Sales for Bahria Town, has guaranteed that these properties are not just among the most sough after lands among land sellers in the nation yet additionally the top residential area for families.Bahria Town is focused on giving the best of living and endeavors towards a global standard personal satisfaction with staggering offices like tuition based schools, clinics, parks, business centers and fantastic mosques among numerous others. One thing is without a doubt, Bahria Town is the undisputed lord of land in Pakistan as well as all of Asia.

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