Bahria Town: A Luxury Lifestyle with the Best Facilities

With time, Bahria Town Karachi has developed to a large extent. Being one of the most well-known societies of Karachi, it can cater to more than 1,000,000 people. Property holders buy ready-to-move-in houses and apartments to relish first-class conveniences while residing in Bahria Town Karachi.
Get ready to buy, lease, explore, and live a lavish lifestyle in the most lavish area of the city. With the wide scope of conveniences in Bahria Town, the upscale communal is settling the score high with every passing year. There are many residential and commercial projects inside the town that are profitable investment ventures for both businessmen and investors for real estate. Even though Bahria Town is distant from the city, the outstanding facilities attract a large number of investors and residents. The project is a huge success in almost all major cities of Pakistan including Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Islamabad.

Facility Bonanza in Bahria Town Karachi

You’ll forget to count the numerous facilities in Bahria Town that makes it probably the best place in Karachi to live in:
How about we discuss each one of these in additional detail underneath:

Distinctive Location

Living in Bahria Town is great for people who need to live away from the rushing about of the city. The township is approximately 40 minutes away from Pakistan’s biggest Airport Jinnah International Airport and 9 km away from the toll plaza Super-Highway. It is reachable from the cosmopolitan city.

Adjacent Areas

The Bahria Town has a zoo and amusement park for all of its privileged residents. But once in a while, if one feels to visit popular and close-by amusement parks, e.g. Family Fiesta Water Park and Cozy Water Park which are less than an hour away from Bahria Town. Other famous resorts like Gul Mohar Golf Club (Malir Cantt) and Farmville Resort are also among another nearby destinations that allow you to make lifetime memories with your loved ones.

First-Rate Security

Bahria Town residents enjoy a safe, serene, and secure living courtesy of its 24/7 security. No robbery or theft occurrences have surfaced, to date, on account of extensive security frameworks all through the township. Among other top facilities in Bahria Town, professional, well-equipped security staff, CCTV security surveillance system, independent police stations, command and control rooms are some of their major high points. One can see patrolling staff who guarantee total security inside the township.Other famous resorts like Gul Mohar Golf Club (Malir Cantt) and Farmville Resort are also among another nearby destinations that allow you to make lifetime memories with your loved ones.

Gated Community

It has been seen that facilities in Bahria Town are at par with DHA. First of all, both are gated networks. The society has been arranged in such a way that it doesn't just look tastefully satisfying, yet it is very calm and quiet. Since it's away from all the hustle and bustle of the main city, the noise pollution is lesser.
The ultra-modern residential foundation, commercial projects, and progressed facilities make it engaging for all Karachiites. Bahria town is a magnum opus housing scheme that targets consumers from all the segments of the market. It caters to every type of buyer interested in purchasing home, apartments, plots for sale, etc. It’s a win situation for residents to live an exclusive life while staying in touch with city life.


Fortunately, Bahria Town began free of cost shuttle service in 2018 so the residents have access to the principal zones of the town like Malir Cantt and Sohrab Goth. This implies one can live a hassle-free life in Bahria Town as there are no significant vehicle-related problems there. The service acts as a pick-and-drop administration for the people. One takes you to Malir Halt yet the other one assures easy commute to Sohrab Goth.

Advanced Healthcare Facility

Bahria Town Karachi maintains a high-level healthcare hospital where professional medical experts serve the occupants. The trained and experienced staff serve all the patients in a spacious hospital with nearly 120-bed. The hospital offers a high-tech trauma center with a 24/7 emergency service. The management has signed agreements with foreign organizations to invest in hospitals and better medical facilities for the residents, which ensures quality lifestyle in Bahria Town Karachi.

Quality Education

No township is probably going to prosper and enjoy long-term endurance until it consumes good quality educational institutions. For a brighter future of Pakistan, the Bahria Town has set up its schools and colleges. Since the town is equipped with all the significant and latest facilities, you can lead the comfortable life that you dreamt of in Bahria Town. For quality and advanced education, residents can get their children joined up with Roots Millennium School or Baqai Medical University.

Largest Cricket Stadium of Pakistan

Pakistan's most advanced ‘Rafi Cricket Stadium’ is one of the noteworthy advantages of buying a property in Bahria Town Karachi. As it will be adjacent to Pakistan’s biggest cricket arena. The project will be located in Bahria Sports City, which is yet another project of the parent company. It is inspired by the Dubai International Cricket Stadium. Commuters can reach the stadium conveniently through the 500 ft wide Jinnah Avenue as the stadium is situated in the heart of the town. Designed as per ICC standards, this one will offer a unique extravaganza to cricket fans. Furthermore, the Grand Gymnasium will offer some amazing sports including Tennis, Badminton, and Squash to keep your inner athlete alive.

Grand Mosque

The Grand mosque Bahria Town Karachi is one of the largest mosques in the world. Yes, you read it right! The mosque will have the capacity to oblige 800,000 people. The plan of the Grand Mosque takes creative inspiration from the Mughal design and Islamic architecture. It will have a resemblance to the mosques of various Islamic nations like Kuwait, Iran, UAE, and Malaysia.

Pakistan’s First Day and Night Zoo

Gloriousness of the wild comes to Bahria Town Karachi with Pakistan's first Day and Night Zoo, suitably called DanZoo. Inaugurated on May 15, 2018, DanZoo makes you experience the wilderness Kingdom in an interesting setting inside an encased and secured environment. Visitors get a chance to be very close with their favorite creatures including giraffes, zebras, tigers, llamas, deer, colorful birds, and more. One would want to visit the park to get very close with their beloved creatures like the lions, giraffes, zebras, crocs, hyenas, bears, llamas, tigers, deer, and considerably more.

Other Recreational Facilities: Clubs, Restaurants, and Entertainment

The township includes a Mini Formula-1 Track, Bahria Night Safari, Sheraton Golf, Dolphin Area, and Country Club. There are many fast food joints and high-end options for dining to serve residents and guests. The Carnival Area acts as an entertainment point to make relax people irrespective of age groups.

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